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Umm.. I'm really not very interesting..

Okay then. But you were warned! I live in a house on top of a hill in rural Victoria, in Australia. It is a lovely little house, if somewhat in need of restoration. The hill is peaceful and quiet and I love it dearly. This peace and quiet is usually disrupted by my 11 year old daughter, who lives with me, or our two cats, who graciously share their home with us humans. I am currently seperated, so single mum. I work at my daughter's school in after school care, and I am in my third year of a four year Batchelor of Education (Primary) at Deakin University.

I have been vaguely interested in writing fiction for quite some time, but in spite of the occasional urging of family and friends, I have resisted the urge. (Okay, okay, I was lazy!) I have also enjoyed Stargate SG-1 for many years, however The Powers That Be (TPTB)were struck by the plot bunny of all plot bunnies and Stargate Atlantis was born. TPTB found some very talented (and very gorgeous)actors and some very talented writers to assist them, and I blindly and euphorically slipped from enjoyment into fangirl obsession.

During the course of feeding my obsession, I happened across several very talented writers who produced wonderful SGA fanfics for all us devotees to enjoy. After reading these wonderful fics, and talking to a few of the wonderful people that wrote them, I decided to combine two interests (well, three if you include reading fanfic) and have a go myself. Besides, it really looked like fun! (And I was right! It is fun.)

So now, since I have driven my family and friends nuts, I need new victims. So here are the fruits of my labour. (Okay, some are fruits, some are lemons- you pick!)
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